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I always had a love for tag sales. It's the thrill of the hunt along with the mystery of what treasures await. There are two approaches: Search for postings in the local newspaper indicating the address and times open, or waking early to hunt for signs directing down unfamiliar roads. Either way, there is something exhilarating in perusing another's objects. In a way, it's a little window into their personality, history and style. There are so many unique objects that will never again be manufactured, therefore possibly of value sentimentally or economically. However, there are far more plain objects that get overlooked, then discarded. I love creating new uses for these ordinary unwanted items. From jewelry to dishware to recyclables, I enjoying crafting art, decor and useful objects from discarded materials. My goal is to reduce the amount that is wasted on this earth through innovative upcycling. I hope to bring excitement and awareness of how easy, fun and cost efficient upcycling can be for everyone.


Above: Upcycled Jewelry Shell Necklace, Upcycled Teapot Birdhouse & Feeder, Upcycled Broken Crayon Molds

Below: Upcycled Card Deck Memory Game, Upcycled Casette Tape Business Card Holder

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