abouT Sarah

Graphic Designer : Artist : Crafter


I’m a graphic designer who enjoys any opportunity to innovate and create. I analyze every design I encounter to broaden my connection with art and continually strive to strengthen my relationship with design. My specialties are print and digital design, handcrafted and upcycled goods and multi-media artwork including collage, illustration and painting.


I truly believe that my purpose in life is to create designs that stir a sense of emotion in people. The most rewarding part of creating any type of art or design is to be able to see a person’s reaction to the piece in which I put my heart and soul. Because every project deserves equal dedication, attention and care, my obsessiveness ensures the final composition is successful in satisfying the purpose of the piece. Ultimately, what determines my success is how many people I can touch by the art/designs I create. I am an advocate for the saying “strive to be better today than you were yesterday”. I constantly strive to be a better human being in order to be a better graphic designer in hopes to positively contribute to the world around me.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know more about me!